Thursday, October 24, 2013

Becky Be Scared

never ever go to haunted anything! I hate being scared by people. I don't mind movies but real life jump at you like Boo! Naw I can't take it! So with much convincing by my friend Xenia I was invited to tour Behind The scenes at Knotts Scary Farm. I have loved Knotts since I was a kid so I was excited to see all the scary things in the safety of daylight. First we were treated to Mrs Knotts fried chicken. I've never had it before so it was a great treat and of course I washed it down with my favorite Berry Punch.
After lunch we got to tour the makeup/wardrobe dept and see all the Scary Farm characters being transformed. So much detail in the makeup and costumes it's amazing they do this every night!
Must be so fun to get to do crazy makeup instead of just Kardashian eyebrows all day!
Next the panel of Scary Farm creators took us through 3 mazes. 
Trick or Treat was a maze about kids trick or treating at a witches house. I loved the vintage masks in the creepy hallway!
End games is a blood bath type Hunger Games scenario complete with half torso's and rock monsters.
And last a Vampire themed Dominion of the Damned which was a cool before and after sequence filled with awesome art!
I had such a great time and didn't scream once of course that was in the daytime. Knotts really puts a lot of hard work and creativity into their Scary Farm so if you get the chance I suggest you check it out! Thanks again Knotts and Xenia!